Irish Donkey Welfare Organisation

Working For Irish Donkeys!

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The idealogy of the group extends far beyond providing welfare visits to donkeys. We are passionate about the work we are undertaking and realise what's required to improve the care of the donkey population in Ireland is far more extensive.

To each and every donkey with which we come into contact, we are committed to achieving the very best outcome possible for that animal.

IDWO Advocates have no authority in law. We are not there to be judgmental, hoping that any changes needing to be made will be done using tact, patience and understanding. However, if circumstances are so severe and we believe the animal to be suffering, our first priority has to be the well being of the donkey.

So, why ADVOCATE....... a word originating from Latin, complying with the following definitions:-

"one who upholds or defends a cause"

"support and recommend publicly"

"plead for or speak in favour of"

"intercedes on behalf of another"

"champion,proponent, backer"

IDWO is committed to improving the life of donkeys in Ireland. Where and when appropriate it will speak up on their behalf - they have no voice themselves.

IDWO Advocates - Working for Irish Donkeys

Our Objective....

To promote and actively encourage in a practical and supportive way, all donkey owners to provide the best facilities, health and well being for the donkey in their care.