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Legislation requires that all equines including donkeys, MUST be microchipped and have an Equine Passport.

This procedure must be undertaken by a vet who will insert the small microchip just underneath the skin in the area of the neck. It carries a number which is individual to that particular animal.

To complete the process, the vet will complete a Marking Form detailing the microchip number, height, age, colour and individual markings of the animal. This form with an appropriate fee is sent to one of the Registering Agencies where details of donkey and owner will be recorded and the passport duly issued to the owner.

Whenever equines are moved by road, they must be accompanied by their passport. It must be available to be presented to GardaĆ­ or Department of Agriculture if requested.

During 2014 legislation was introduced so that when any equine was sold, both seller and buyer were required to complete a Transfer of Ownership form. On completion together with fee and passport, it must be sent to the issuing Agency within 30 days. The owners details will then be amended and passport returned to the new owner.

All land on which equines are kept need to be registered with the local Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine. The form can be downloaded from their website or requested by phone. Ideally this should be done prior to any equines being placed on the land. There is no fee to register. Any person already in possession of a herd or stock number is still required to register for equines, the additional number will be added to existing.

This may all seem laborious and bureaucratic but traceability of animals IS important. Any equine found without a microchip and the relevant passport CAN BE SEIZED AND DESTROYED by the authorities.