Irish Donkey Welfare Organisation

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Sponsor a Donkey!

For €20 you can sponsor an IDOW donkey. We will email you a color photo of either Millie, Stripes, or Chloe! You simply identify the desired donkey!

Sponsorships provide much needed funding to support donkey welfare education and animal assisted therapy. 




To specify the donkey's name and receive the photo, you must:

  1. Enter your donation amount: €20.
  2. Select: "Donate with a debit or credit card."
  3. Select: "Add special instructions to the seller:"
  4. Type the donkey's name.
  5. On the payment page, check the box:

     "Share your mailing address with irish donkey welfare organisation so they can acknowledge your donation."

Upon receiving notice of your donation, we will send you the photo!