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Thankfully very few problems arise that cannot be overcome with correct advice, support and time. IDWO can in many cases assist in resolving a problem but good ownership is providing suitable care and an environment in which problems are unlikely to occur, such as the following:

  • Allowing feet to become overgrown
  • Badly trimmed feet, i.e., non paring of the sole area
  • Severe hair loss/bald patches
  • Skin infections
  • Cuts and wounds left untreated
  • Sarcoids/warts left untreated or ignored at early stage
  • No water provided
  • Donkey is underweight/emaciated
  • Donkey is overweight/obese
  • Overgrown or decayed teeth
  • Worms or lice left untreated
  • Poor maintenance of fencing
  • Non collection of dung
  • Breeding unwanted foals
  • Non castration of stallions
  • Non microchipping/registration of donkey/s
  • Non socialising of donkey/s


  • Providing a draught free shelter with access at all times
  • Providing suitable bedding material
  • Maintaining a safe and secure environment
  • Providing fresh, clean drinking water daily
  • Feeding according to condition (weight)
  • Providing high fibre feed ie barley straw
  • Not feeding cereal based foods, bread, sweets, cakes etc or anything with high sugar content
  • Keeping fruit/vegetables to a minimum
  • Restricting intake of grass especially in Spring
  • Checking donkey/s daily
  • Ensuring any wounds, cuts are dealt with promptly
  • Worming only if necessary -consider faecal sampling
  • Castration of stallion donkeys
  • Consider carefully before embarking on any breeding
  • Keep mares and stallions separate, wean colt foals then separate from mare
  • Picking out feet regularly
  • Getting a professional farrier to trim feet 3 times per year minimum
  • Socialising your donkey